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Episode 95: It’s The Little Things That Make You Stand Out from the Competition

Join us as we discuss the added difficulty of ordering very large items online, a loss of identity in one major travel industry, and what we love — and can’t stand! — about rental cars. Sleeping, Renting, and Driving – Oh My! [Listener Stories] What Happens When a Mistake Turns into a Remarkable Experience We...

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Episode 94: The COVID-19 Experience

Thanks for joining us for a special episode of the Experience This! Show podcast. Depending on when you first became aware of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 and its impact on individuals, businesses, and society at large, chances are better than not that you’re now 100% aware of this pandemic situation. We felt like this new,...

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Episode 93: Appeal to New Customers by Creating New Experiences

Join us as we discuss using modern tools to showcase classical art, a museum where kids can touch the exhibits, and how to create even more time to serve your customers. Cezanne, Sand, and Systems – Oh My! [CX Press] Reach New Customers with New Approaches to Creativity and Social Media A museum filled with...

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Episode 92: Discover How Listening to Customers Can Help Even the Most-Maligned Industries Improve Their CX

Join us as we discuss an immersive experience meant to inspire creative design, one place where the robots may be meeting their demise, and how to improve the most- maligned industry of all. Operatories, Restaurants, and Post Offices – Oh My! [Experience This! Live] How an Immersive Experience Inspires An immersive experience of a dental...

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Episode 91 – Make Spaces Fun and Familiar to Keep Customers Coming Back for More

Join us as we discuss reinventing the shopping mall, the experience of becoming a new manager, and how the comforts of home can make strange places feel more familiar. Dreaming, Managing, and Alexa-ing – Oh My! [CX Press] The “Shopping” Mall is Now the “Experience” Mall at American Dream A new shopping mall in 2020...

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Episode 90 – Using Video to Show What You’re Trying to Say

Join us as we discuss ten things that define your future customer, using video in place of print, and connecting with your customers offline! Principles, Videos, and Tissues – Oh My! [Book Report] The Customer of the Future: 10 Guiding Principles For Winning Tomorrow’s Business Long time friend of the show and CX expert Blake...

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Episode 89: Disrupt the Marketplace by Giving Customers What They Want

Join us as we discuss brands that keep (and don’t keep) their promises, putting the functionalities you want into your luggage, and helpful parking lots. Promises, Packing, and Parking – Oh My! [Listener Stories] Keeping – and Not Keeping – Promises Loyal listener Kyle Moeti called into the show to share three of his recent...

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Episode 88: How to Make Your Customers Go Away

Join us as we discuss how to make your customers go away, the exploding popularity of live chat, and how one retailer offers “returns made easy”… just not the one that advertises it. Ignoring, Chatting, and Returning – Oh My! [What Are You Reading?] What Not to Say The co-founder and Emeritus chairman of Ritz...

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Episode 87: The Extreme Application of Customer Personalization

Join us as we discuss a restaurant that makes meals specifically for you, a magician who wants you in on the trick, and a guide to living in the now, by learning from the past … Sushi, Secrets, and Stillness – Oh My! [CX Press] Taking Customer Personalization to the Extreme How far can the...

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Episode 86: Discover How to Deliver a Truly Great Customer Experience

Join us as we discuss why customer satisfaction and profit might be at odds, a romance novelist who immerses herself in her characters, and how LEGO builds customer loyalty. Dollars, Damsels, and Dumbledore – Oh My! [CX Press] Customer Satisfaction vs. Profit How do you measure a satisfied customer? How do you measure your success?...

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