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Episode 134 – A Clear Path Forward to Better Experiences

Join us as we discuss one of the greatest CEOs of this generation sharing his final thoughts, the common path to uncommon success, and a listener takes on customer reviews — every last one of them. Earthing, Pathing, and Responding – Oh My! Referenced in the Show • Jeff Bezos’ Final Letter to Amazon Shareholders• The...

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Episode 133 – Forget Their Shoes – Step Into Your Customers’ Headphones

Join us as we discuss creating a workplace that employees and customers love, making your big ideas irresistible, and the power of a protagonist playlist. Consistency, Connections, and Crescendos – Oh My! Referenced in the Show • I Love It Here: How Great Leaders Create Organizations Their People Never Want to Leave – by Clint...

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Episode 132 – Promise to Make Your Experiences Better

Join us as we discuss a new app that helps you see even if you can’t, why making and keeping your promises is key to a successful experience, and why dumping generic language may bring you closer to your customers. Seeing, Guaranteeing, and Personalizing – Oh My! Referenced in the Show • Starbucks offers Aira,...

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Episode 131 – The Time is Right for Better Customer Experiences

Join us as we discuss offering new products to your raving customers, speaking words of encouragement when you aren’t in the room, and making the big leap to do it on your own. Waste-Composting, Hand-Washing, and Self-Employing – Oh My! Referenced in the Show • Lomi – Turn Waste To Compost with a Single Button• Children’s...

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Episode 130 – Innovation Leads to Better Access, Better Opportunities, and Better Laughs

Join us as we discuss making your website available to ALL customers, focusing on the little things to bring out creativity, and a restaurant known for its – Instagram page?! Accessing, Innovating, and Signing – Oh My! Referenced in the Show • Accessibe• Big Little Breakthroughs: How Small, Everyday Innovations Drive Oversized Results – by Josh Linkner• Instagram...

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Episode 129 – Video Energizing or Video Fatigue?

Join us as we discuss enticing your customers to come back after COVID, videos that capture your brand spirit, and managing camera fatigue in a video-based business environment. Flying, Speedriding, and Zooming – Oh My! Referenced in the Show • Delta Airlines Entices Flyers with Enhanced Rewards • MUST WATCH: Speedriding Through An Alpine Resort – From...

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Episode 128 – The Recipe for a Successful Customer Experience

Join us as we discuss the state of customer experience in 2021, the answers to all of your baking questions, and what we love – and can’t stand – about hiring contractors. Findings, Flour, and Fixer-Uppers – Oh My! Referenced in the Show • The Definitive Guide to CX 2021 – by Conversocial • Bakers Hotline...

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Episode 127 – Secret Messages Create Special Connections

Join us as we discuss a secret message for an interstellar audience, making products that consumers actually want, and warning customers about bad things before they even realize it. Code Breaking, Custom Creating, and Fraud Alerting – Oh My! Referenced in the Show • “NASA Sent a Secret Message to Mars. Meet the People Who Decoded...

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Episode 126 – Predicting Key Elements of Future Customer Experiences

Join us as we discuss the importance of being relevant to your customers, how augmented reality is helping to ease purchase decisions, and how to use data to drive predictive CX. Expectations, Simplifications, and Permutations – Oh My! Referenced in the Show • Coveo Relevance Report 2021: Ecommerce • Empire Carpet Augmented Reality • Prediction: The Future of...

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Episode 125 – An Experience to Remember

Join us as we discuss getting people to come to court, when the custom clothing experience just doesn’t measure up, and a remarkable birthday celebration at a car dealership. Summons, Suits, and Surprises – Oh My! Referenced in the Show • “Behavioral Nudges Reduce Failure to Appear for Court” – by Alissa Fishbane, Aurelie Ouss, and...

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