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Episode 75: How to Live Up to the Standard of Making a Customer’s Entire Day

Join us as we discuss how sometimes what you see isn’t necessarily wise to believe, how to create a remarkable experience in a commoditized industry, and why the sense of smell plays a huge role in brand perception. Manipulations, Massages, and Madelines – Oh My! [Say What] Deepfake Videos Require Everyone to Be Skeptical Most...

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Episode 74: Paying Attention to Shifting Behaviors Can Lead to Increased Customer Satisfaction

Join us as we discuss rewriting your message to acknowledge current realities, the pros and cons of sharing your email address, and the perils of always being connected. Binging, Auto-Adding, and Considering – Oh My! [This Just Happened] Netflix Nailed It! Joey and his two sons have a Saturday morning ritual. No matter what time...

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Episode 73: How to Overcome Negative Reviews and Create Stronger Customer Relationships

Join us as we discuss: The future of customer engagement, why it pays to read the fine print, and how human-to-human interactions are the key to customer experience success. Engaging, Squinting, and Interacting… Oh My! [Dissecting the Experience] A Site that Tells You What Customers Want When it comes to customer experience topics, there are...

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Episode 72: If You Really Want to Show Your Customers that You are Loyal, Don’t Expire Their Loyalty Points!

Join us as we discuss one of the biggest annoyances in air travel, treating your most loyal customers poorly, and the importance of learning all you can about your customers. Eliminating, Expiring, and Understanding – Oh My!

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Episode 71: How a Baseball Team with a Unique Culture Transformed the Fan Experience

Join us as we discuss an entertainment spectacle with some baseball in the middle, building a culture of experience, and how to be successful by standing out. Bananas, Baseball, and Yellow Tuxedos — Oh My!

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Episode 70 – How Small Details Add Up to Create Positive Customer Experiences

Join us as we discuss: the key takeaways from a designer of colored bricks, how behind the scenes activity can support your customer-facing activity, and how the art inside the front door can set the tone for a stay. LEGO, Leverage, and Lobbies. Oh my!

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Episode 69 – Why an Emoji Says More Than You Think

Join us as we discuss:  How to identify customer sentiment using more than just words, why asking for feedback shouldn’t annoy customers, and how a new store operates without cashiers. Emojis, Surveys, and Sodas. Oh my!

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Episode 68 – The Rewards of Taking Risks to Promote Inclusivity

Join us as we discuss: the role of gender in artificial intelligence, explaining a printed piece of paper using a video, and taking an online store into the mall. Choosing, Perusing, and Browsing. Oh my!

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Episode 67 – Creating Unique Experiences Through Exclusivity and Humor

Join us as we discuss: how humor can play a role in the customer experience, an unlikely alliance of fierce competitors, and a marketplace that helps bars set prices based on supply and demand.   Smiles, Sodas, and Sips. Oh my!

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Episode 66 – Going One Step Beyond to Engage Customers in Unexpected Ways

Join us as we discuss: embracing conspiracies to liven up your experience, making everything you touch part of the experience, and paying attention to your customers’ celebrations so you can join them in the festivities. Gargoyles, Rings, and Birthdays. Oh my!

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