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Episode 118 – I’ll Believe It When I See It

Join us as we discuss encouraging your customers to do business with your competitors, using visuals to connect at every step in the customer journey, and watching how brands behave when they don’t know they are being watched. Valuing, Videoing, and Voyeuring – Oh My! [Redesign the Experience] Burger King Wants You to Order a...

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Episode 117 – Making Your Mark on Brand Ambassadors

Join us as we discuss making your mark on your best customers, why the robots may be coming faster than we think, and how holiday shopping habits are changing amidst a global pandemic. Ambassadors, Game-Changers, and Shoppers – Oh My! [Dissecting the Experience] Making Your Mark on Brand Ambassadors Things We Mentioned in This Segment:...

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Episode 116 – The Sonic Brand of Your Experience

Join us as we discuss using handwritten notes to create connection, refreshing the sound of your brand, and trying to figure out what happened next when you only know the first half of the story. Connections, Cues, and Cameras – Oh My! [CX Press] If You Can’t Touch, Use a Personalized Touchpoint Things We Mentioned...

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Episode 115 – Making Every Touchpoint Matter Across the Entire Customer Journey

Join us as we discuss a camping trip gone awry, why every customer touchpoint matters, and thinking fast when money is on the line. Camping, Optimizing, and Winning – Oh My! [Listener Stories] A Camping Trip Gone Awry Things We Mentioned in This Segment: • Managing Expectations: A Customer Experience That Leaves Praise on the Table...

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Episode 114 – What Are They They Thinking? Getting Inside Your Customer’s Mind

Join us as we discuss new ways to get inside your customer’s imagination, little details that help deliver big outcomes, and the excitement that comes from figuring out if something is real or not.. Imagining, Reading, and Faking – Oh My! [Book Report] Inside Your Customer’s Imagination by Chip Bell Things We Mentioned in This...

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Episode 113 – Getting Customers Talking – For the Right Reasons

Join us as we discuss reading in darkness, servicing on video, and confusing your customers. Floating, Humanizing, and Infuriating – Oh My! [CX Press] Not Seeing is Experiencing Things We Mentioned in This Segment: • “At this bookstore in Taiwan, visitors shop in the dark” – by Maggie Hiufu Wong for CNN Travel (cnn.com)• Dans le Noir...

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Episode 112 – Little Things Make a Big Difference in Customer Experience

Join us as we discuss a little touch that drew a lot of attention, the power of seeing someone’s face when they speak, and a viral sensation that brought together two classic brands.. Fretboard, Facemask, and Fleetwood – Oh My! [Listener Stories] The Power of Little Notes Things We Mentioned in This Segment: • Jeff...

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Episode 111 – Take the Mystery Out of CX By Connecting with Your Customers

Join us as we discuss the mysteries of mystery shopping, texting for help, and why channel switching is a good way to anger your customers. Mysteries, Queries, and Quandaries – Oh My! [Book Report] The Secret Diary of a Mystery Shopper Things We Mentioned in This Segment: • The Secret Diary of a Mystery Shopper by...

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Episode 110 – Creating Moving Experiences for People Who Are Moving

Join us as we discuss how to conclude a business relationship in a remarkable way, making it easy for your customers to comply with your contracts, and archaic interactions that hamper your success. Canceling, Filing, and Updating – Oh My! [Dissecting the Experience] The Xcellent Xfinity Xperience Things We Mentioned in This Segment: • Fort Dodge,...

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Episode 109 – Enhancing the Experience with Efficiency and Effectiveness

Join us as we discuss using technology to know where to go, the move to telemedicine during the pandemic, and a framework for creating more content than you could possibly want. Signage, Appointments, and Creators– Oh My! [This Just Happened] Traffic Lights in the Bathroom?! Things We Mentioned in This Segment: • Chris Strub – friend...

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