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Episode 102 – Become Unforgettable Before Your Client Signs on the Dotted Line

Join us as we discuss infusing remarkable into your common interactions, switching the default mode to something legendary, and gaining attention with an international perspective. Cabos, Cameos, and Canadian – Oh My! [Required Remarkable] The Experience Before the Experience Matters Too Several months ago Joey and his wife had the opportunity to stay at a...

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Episode 101: How Trends Shape and Influence Customer Expectations

Join us as we discuss what the past decade can teach us about the next decade, how a bespoke publisher creates raving fans, and how the future of personal information is going to get even more messy. Curation, Creation, and Contention – Oh My! [Book Report] Understanding How Shifting Trends Can Impact Your Business As...

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Episode 100 : The Best Experiences from the Experience This! Show

Join us as we look back on some of our favorite customer experience stories and celebrate our 100th episode with our Best of the Best show. 100 Episodes – Oh My! [This Just Happened] The Best of “This Just Happened” Wonderful customer experiences happen every day and this segment was designed to showcase personal and...

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Episode 99 – The Upsides and Downsides of Investing in Customer Experience

Join us as we discuss a memorable employee onboarding experience, insurance for your… pizza?, and the cost of poor customer experience. Training, Explaining, and Draining – Oh My! [Dissecting the Experience] Investing in the Employee Experience with Continuing Education When Dan’s sister got a new job at the world famous consulting firm Deloitte, she went...

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Episode 98 – Providing Great Experiences for Your Customers and the Earth

Join us as we discuss mobile phone cases you can bury in your garden, special privileges for those that make green choices, and the shifting expectations of thirsty customers! Composting, Selecting, and Hydrating – Oh My! A little disclaimer about this environmental episode of ExperienceThis! In the last few years here in the United States,...

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Episode 97: The Benefits of Delivering Effortless Customer Experiences

Join us as we discuss how Amazon approaches customer service, a nefarious attempt to silence customers, and the unique challenges of replacing a mattress. Servicing, Calling, and Relaxing – Oh My! [Dissecting the Experience] How Amazon Makes Customer Experience Effortless Amazon is known for convenience and efficiency – two hallmarks of customer service. But customer...

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Episode 96: Pairing Old and New Technologies is the Secret to Great Experiences

Join us as we discuss the connected community of the future, a response to the robot invasion, and paying for anything with one hand behind your back. City Planning, Flame Fanning, and Palm Scanning – Oh My! [CX Press] The City of the Future – Modern Technology, Eco-Friendly Infrastructure, and Immersive Experiences What will the...

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Episode 95: It’s The Little Things That Make You Stand Out from the Competition

Join us as we discuss the added difficulty of ordering very large items online, a loss of identity in one major travel industry, and what we love — and can’t stand! — about rental cars. Sleeping, Renting, and Driving – Oh My! [Listener Stories] What Happens When a Mistake Turns into a Remarkable Experience We...

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Episode 94: The COVID-19 Experience

Thanks for joining us for a special episode of the Experience This! Show podcast. Depending on when you first became aware of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 and its impact on individuals, businesses, and society at large, chances are better than not that you’re now 100% aware of this pandemic situation. We felt like this new,...

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Episode 93: Appeal to New Customers by Creating New Experiences

Join us as we discuss using modern tools to showcase classical art, a museum where kids can touch the exhibits, and how to create even more time to serve your customers. Cezanne, Sand, and Systems – Oh My! [CX Press] Reach New Customers with New Approaches to Creativity and Social Media A museum filled with...

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