Episode 65 – LIVE at EmpowerCX 2019

Join us as we discuss: the best parts of an international customer experience conference, the most remarkable experiences of the last year as shared by the listeners in our LIVE audience, and the true state of customer experience in 2019.

Highlights, Highfliers, and High Points. Oh my!

[This Just Happened] Memorable Takeaways from EmpowerCX 2019 [1:41-14:21]

Joey, Dan, and attendees of the EmpowerCX event share their favorite takeaways from the conference and the evolution of customer experience over time.

The human to human interaction, the emotion, the power of how one agent, one associate, can touch our customers is absolutely critical. ~ Mike Small, CEO Americas, Sitel Group

  • Conferences and trade shows allow professionals from all over the world to gather in the same location, connect with each other, and gather best practices they can take home to implement in their own brand.
  • Connecting with customers using empathy ensures that customers walk away from interactions feeling positive about your brand.
  • The purpose of customer service is to establish and improve connections with customers. Utilizing technology to improve communication with your customers, especially when they are saying positive things about your company, helps customers feel heard and better connect with your brand.

[Experience This! Live] Sharing the Best Experiences in the Past Year [14:27-28:28]

The LIVE audience at EmpowerCX share their best customer experiences of the last year.

[I]t’s actually not that difficult to create a remarkable customer experience. The bar for customer experience, across all industries, is lying on the ground! It’s literally on the ground. If you just do the slightest thing above normal, you can stand out in the crowd. ~ Joey Coleman

  • Delta Airlines offers customers flying to locations with bad weather forecasts the opportunity to change flight times without charging the usual “change ticket” fee.
  • Cadillac sent the driver a message about a tire going flat because of a screw puncture. Not only was Cadillac able to tell the customer what to do, but given the customer’s hectic schedule, sent out a mobile mechanic to fix the tire while the customer was at work.
  • The Westin Ft Lauderdale did not provide chamomile tea when the customer ordered through room service. When made aware of the error, they not only provided the tea, but desserts and other treats to make up for the mistaken order. They even called the customer the next morning to check in and make sure everything was as the customer wished.

[I Love It! I Can’t Stand It!] The State of Customer Experience in 2019 [28:49-38:04]

Joey, Dan, and LIVE audience participants discuss what brands are currently doing well and what they can do better in the future in order to provide remarkable customer experiences.

What I love is when brands make it really easy for me to do business with them. ~ Isabella Mongalo, TSC Americas

  • Start-up companies are often able to create remarkable customer experiences from scratch due to their emphasis on person-to-person interactions and their ability to empathize with customers.
  • Larger, establish brands are having difficulty transitioning to a person-to-person approach as they struggle to determine who should take responsibility for individual customer relationships and circumstances.
  • In order to have agents provide a great customer experience, brands need to show their agents what a great customer experience is so that the agents have a context for emulating the experience.

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Welcome to Experience This – where you’ll find inspiring examples of customer experience, great stories of customer service, and tips on how to make your customers love you even more. Always upbeat and definitely entertaining, customer retention expert Joey Coleman and social media expert Dan Gingiss serve as your hosts for a weekly dose of positive customer experience. So, hold on to your headphones. It’s time to Experience This!


Dan Gingiss Get ready for a special live edition of the Experience This! Show!

Joey Coleman Join us as we discuss: the best parts of an international customer experience conference, the listeners in our live audience most remarkable experiences of the last year, and the true honesty of customer experience in 2019.

Dan Gingiss Highlights, highfliers, and high points. Oh my!


Joey Coleman We love telling stories and sharing key insights you can implement, or avoid, based on our experiences. Can you believe that This Just Happened?

[THIS JUST HAPPENED: Memorable Takeaways from Empower CX]

Dan Gingiss Hey Joey!

Joey Coleman Hey Dan!

Dan Gingiss How are you?

Joey Coleman I’m thrilled that I’m actually able to see you. You know we’ve been recording this podcast for a while and it’s been over two years since we’ve been in the same room. A little secret for those of you that listen to the show, but we’re actually in the same room together in Fort Lauderdale in front of what I have to tell you for those of you listening at home on the podcast is a devastatingly attractive crowd. I mean these people. I’ve seen a lot of good looking audiences… This one is really good looking. I also have a feeling that their intelligence is certainly higher than average. So this is also a wonderful thing about this audience. Excited to be here.

Dan Gingiss Plus, Joey and I are among our people because we love customer experience and we love talking about customer experience with other folks who live it and breathe it every day. And this is the first time, actually, it’s not just that we haven’t seen each other in a long time. This is the first time we have ever done a live version of the podcast is it going to be episode.

Joey Coleman Wait were we supposed to share that?

Dan Gingiss Oh…

Joey Coleman I’m not necessarily sure. But nonetheless I’m sure it will be fabulous! This is the first time it will be great.

Dan Gingiss We know what we’re doing… Episode 65 – this is the podcast! And it is our first one live so let’s get started. We are here at Empower CX. This is an annual event put on by our friends and partners at Sitel Group. We’re in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I just found out today that my beloved Chicago Cubs are going to get snowed out in Chicago so I’m really happy to be down here in Florida. Now one of the things that I have really liked about this conference and have been really impressed about is the branding. The branding is everywhere, and I don’t know if you went and saw the session from the guy at LG today. The marketing team and the PR team at Sitel have done an amazing job. Everywhere you look at this conference there is branding. When you came up to the hotel, there’s branding on the windows. When you go to the elevator, there’s branding on the elevators. And it’s not just posters and signs but LG, which is a partner of Sitel, brought in all of these movable signs. And you can even see behind us. There’s like animation and stuff. And it is really really impressive. Related to that, I’ve also really liked the fact that the conference has shared the hash tag and the Twitter handles of the presenters making it easier to share your experience on social media.

Joey Coleman Yes so as our loyal listeners know make sure you tag Dan when you’re talking about this, not me I’m not on the Twitters as much. The thing that I love the best is the diversity of this audience. If you walk through the halls you can hear dozens of languages being spoken. There are people representing every corner of the globe in the room. What I love about that is when it comes to customer experience what we certainly have a lot of experiences that are the same because we’re human beings. The cultural differences from country to country or region to region need to be taken into consideration when you’re thinking about your customer experience. Especially if you’re a global brand. And so the ability to be in conversations and have chats during the networking sessions and the end the breaks between the formal presentations has been wonderful. They get to connect with colleagues from around the world.

Dan Gingiss Another thing that I thought was memorable about Karen McCullough yesterday, our closing keynote. For those of you who are listening on iTunes or watching on live streaming, Karen McCullough is a baby boomer and she talked to us about all of the different generations and how to market to them and how different they are. But something that I thought was amazing about Karen is she made her presentation into an experience. She sang, she danced, she played music. She did an interactive game. She really got the audience involved and you know what that resulted in it resulted in the same thing that’s going to happen in about 39 minutes here Joey, a standing ovation.

Joey Coleman Wow that was awesome! So cool! What I love about Karen’s presentation is she made the presentation an experience, right? Isn’t that the goal? Shouldn’t we be looking at every touch point and every opportunity as the opportunity create an experience for our audience and for our customers? Now I had this chance to attend two sessions today that I thought were particularly interesting and they they kind of were similar in a way. The first one was all about empathy and using empathy to make your tech support services stand out. Now as our regular listeners know I’m a huge fan of the concept of bringing emotion to the game, and empathy I believe is going to be the distinguishing brand factor in the next decade. If your business in a world where automation is increasing, where everybody’s going to systemization of everything, self healing products, etc. If you can actually connect in an emotional way with your customers that’s going to be a game changer. So we heard a fantastic presentation by Christian all about the power of using your tech support in a more empathetic way. The other interesting one was about being a lifelong learner. And this idea that Dan and I talk often about on the show of you need to be constantly pushing yourself forward and exploring new things. We talked about the difference between those folks that are the trailblazers in your organization that are desirous of acquiring new skills. And some of those folks in your organization that may not be as quick to acquire new skills. They lack a little bit of the will. So we have a battle between the skills and the will. And what you can do with some learning tools to help them adopt more of a lifelong learner philosophy. So great content out of the blocks here at Empower CX.

Dan Gingiss Yeah and while the list is long of things that I’ve enjoyed about the conference the last one that I’ll share here is I thought it was really really impressive yesterday that we got to listen to actual customer service call. I think this is critical and not enough companies do this. When I worked at Discover Card, all directors and above were required to do call listening sessions at least once a month and everybody all the way up to the CEO attended these sessions. It’s actually one of the best ways to get directors and above into a room is because they know the CEO is going to be there. All the calls were selected at random and we had a discussion of each call afterwards, not just about how the agent could have done a better job, but whether that was a part of the experience that the company had messed up that caused the call in the first place that we could go back to our offices and work on to fix. So I would urge everybody that listens to this show to take the time to listen to actual customers. There is nothing better. A focus group doesn’t do it. Surveys don’t do it. Hearing the voice the, literal voice of your customer, there’s nothing more powerful.

Joey Coleman So one of the coolest things about a live episode is we have a live audience in the room that we can get some involvement with so I’d like to now bring up to the stage the CEO of Americas Mike Small to share his experience. He has no idea I was going to call on him, that is live TV folks, to share his experience of the Empower CX 2019 event. Big round of applause for Mike Small.

Mike Small Thanks Joey. You know the good thing about going on stage is you just walk around all the time with a microphone. So I did! No I’m just joking. So first and foremost I really appreciate the opportunity to come up on stage and join the live podcast. I would share three. First you’ve had a great summary from Dan and Joey on their experiences. I’ve taken three experiences that I wanted to share with your podcast listeners away from Empower CX. Number one was actually Joey. In Joey’s keynote this morning we heard a lot about B2B is going away, B2C is going away, and what’s being the new norm for a fantastic experience is age to age. Human to human. And that is absolutely something that resonates with Sitel Group. The human to human interaction, the emotion, the power of how one agent, one associate, can touch our customers is absolutely critical. So I absolutely resonated with that, Joey. The second came from Daniel. And we talked a lot about disruption going on in our industry. Daniel has a great book that actually speaks to, you know, how to protect organizations and make them future proof. And the aspect that I took away from Daniel’s pitch: he has seven pillars that he spoke about around how companies can ensure digital transformation is a success and you can protect against future proofing your organization. And right in the middle is great culture. Great culture. And that’s definitely the mandate of Sitel and the group and how we look at supporting each other and our brands that we have the privilege of supporting is how do we make and create great culture within our group. And then the third and final, actually you spoke about which is called listening and the importance of recognizing great associates. Which is why we’re here. And we have three of our experts that are in the field that work with our clients every day that got recognized on stage yesterday. That was my favorite part of the last two days is seeing those associates getting recognized for the fantastic work they do day in day out supporting our customers. And you know I’ll take it a step further. We had breakout sessions at the end of our final day here and one of our associates got up and presented on behalf of their working group and that associates name is Lukesha. I tell you about Lukesha because she’ll be in my job one day. That’s the best part of Empower CX.

Joey Coleman Big round of applause for Mike Small, CEO of Americas! Now if we could bring the lights up just a little bit, we’ve got a couple microphones set up so that we can hear from you the audience members what your favorite parts of the last two days were. So don’t be shy step to the mic and feel free to share some of the highlights for you over the course of the last two days.

Dan Gingiss What’s your name and what have you enjoyed about the conference?

Marlena Hello everybody my name is Marlena Tamirano. I come from HP. I work for the global community’s technical support Spanish and Portuguese. I guess the most valuable thing from these two days is not just about the conferences that were in fact such great, you guys were one of my favorite ones. I guess the most important piece is the fact of having the opportunity to interact with all of you. Some of us have had more opportunities or there’s just a state analyzing taking notes then going on and interacting, connecting, and truly making of these two days a valuable investment. So thank you so much Sitel, the sponsors, and everybody including you guys for making of these two days a great value added for HP and my colleagues. Thank you.

Maria So. Hi everybody. I’m Maria from Europe. Finland. Without further ado one of my favorite takeaways. Very easy, tangible, what we can everybody go and bring home with us was from the very last session I just attended and it was all about how do we take the customer service philosophy to our employee engagement. So that’s my key takeaway.

Dan Gingiss Thank you.

Joey Coleman And I’ll share one more to wrap up the episode, or the segment rather. I had a new experience here that I’ve never had before. I had the pleasure of giving a presentation earlier this morning. When I walked off stage a woman came up to me and she said, Joey. I think we’re related. Now as luck would have it, we are actually related! She’s the first cousin once removed. I had no idea she was going to be here. The moral of the story is customer experience is all about making personal and emotional connections. I got both with a family member. This event was perfect. What’s your name sir and what’s your experience?

Paul Pike My name is Paul Pike from LG Electronics and it was the presentation on speech analytics. Certainly for us the presentation and do takeaway for me is to bring that back to our executive team and begin to execute on it. So thank you for that was excellent.

Dan Gingiss Awesome!


Joey Coleman Sometimes we get out of the recording studio and experience things in person. Get ready to feel like you’re standing right next to us as you Experience This! Live.

[EXPERIENCE THIS! LIVE: Sharing the Best Experiences in the Past Year]

Joey Coleman So you don’t need to get ready to feel like you’re standing right next to us. You are standing right next to us.

Dan Gingiss You know, Joey and I came up with the idea to do Experience This! Live it was to get out of the studio and into the experience but we never actually considered doing it in front of an audience so we’re really excited today and we’re going to talk about some of the best experiences that we’ve had in the last year. I’m going to start.

Joey Coleman Yeah this is usually the way the show works, yeah. Dan just gets the microphone and starts talking it’s ok.

Dan Gingiss He waits until it’s his turn. It’s cool. So I was at another conference recently last month and this is the sixth time that I’ve spoken at this conference called Social Media Marketing World. It’s in San Diego. It’s the largest social media conference in the country. Now why am I listing this as my best experience and why am I talking about another conference here at this conference? Because the name of this conference is Social Media Marketing World. But what I can tell you is the main takeaway that I took away this year was how critical customer experience is. There were marketers. There were social media experts, there were influencers all on stage talking about listening to your customers. Engaging with your customers. How it’s human to human and one to one today, and how it is important for us not to lose sight of the fact that without customers we don’t have a business. So I figure, if a conference like Social Media Marketing World has gotten to that place, that we in this room as CX professionals? We’re in a good spot because CX has finally arrived.

Joey Coleman I spent a lot of time on airplanes and as a result I have some interesting customer experiences. I am a loyal Delta Airlines flyer and throughout our seasons I’ve talked a lot about some of the great experiences that I’ve had with Delta. But ironically enough there’s one that’s been happening this year in fact it just happened today that has made me the love Delta even more. I got an alert on my phone telling me that there may be bad weather in Colorado where I live, tomorrow, and I’m going to be flying back from this conference from Florida to Colorado. And it offered me suggestions on how I might want to adjust my flights to avoid the bad weather. They waived all the change fees. They’re allowing me to make the decision in-app. And so Delta has gone out of their way to anticipate that I might not be happy about being stranded away from my family and has done everything they could to proactively offer me another solution. So I love the fact that they continue to raise the bar. They continue to think about me and they’ve made it very easy and seamless for me to switch flights without penalty, which by the way incidentally makes it easier for Delta because they have less people stranded at airports. So it really becomes, as is the case with most customer experience, a win win situation for both the customer and the company when we’re willing to put our customers first. Now we have a guest we’d like to invite up to the stage to tell a story about a remarkable experience she had in the last year. While we’re doing that obviously feel free for the rest of you to come to the microphone to share yours. Let’s welcome to the stage our incredible emcee, Monte.

Monte OK. So I had one of my best customer experiences just the other day, this weekend. So I was getting ready to fly down here for this amazing event. And I’m going on vacation with my family and my kids for spring break. On Sunday. OK? And so I went in, we’re going on a cruise, an international cruise. And we’re so excited, my kids are excited. Just like everyone in this room we worked hard. We value our time with our families and we don’t take vacation that much. So we went online to print off the luggage tags. For those of you who’ve gone on a cruise and they print out on paper and staple them. And so the adult rooms printed out and I went to print out the kids rooms which are attached to ours and their luggage tags wouldn’t print. So I’m like OK on the system and I do it again and again. And finally I’m like oh my God something’s wrong. So I called the cruise line and they’re like, “Oh well your final payment on your second room didn’t go through. So they canceled the reservation. We’re so sorry, Ms Kelly.” Oh. My God. Are you serious? My daughter who’s 13 has memorized the ship. There’s one of those like Space Roller Coasters on the outside of it that makes you want to like cringe and they’re so excited. And I said what do you mean? And they said, “Oh well your credit card, you didn’t pay on the second room.” And I’m like well if the miners are attached to the adult room then why would you have to pay twice wouldn’t it all go through the system. “We’re so sorry. It’s a flaw in our billing system. We’re not sure what to tell you.” Oh I was so stressed. I actually started crying at my desk because my flight was in a couple hours. The kids are like, “Bye Mom we’ll see on Saturday in Miami for the cruise and I’m like OK bye kids well I may or may not see you. This is devastating but we’re going to and I had no solution. So I called back. “Oh Ms Kelly we’re going to put your notes in the system.” OK. Well I’m just like don’t, don’t even know what to do. I couldn’t even function. So I get a call back. I fly down here. My cell phone rings and it was a guy named Maurice and he says, “Can I speak to Ms Kelly?” Speaking. “This is the cruise line. “You’ve reached our escalations desk and we cannot imagine how stressed you are as a mom right now. Getting ready to take your kids on a vacation which we see is spring break. And it’s your daughter’s 14th birthday on the ship and we see that you tried to order the birthday package but the room didn’t go through, and we are so sorry. We want to make sure that you get rebooked and we have a waitlist because the ship is sold out. The number one ship right now and it’s 200 people. But because we understand your level of stress and how important this vacation is you (and that you were crying on the phone) we are going to bump you ahead. Of all 200 people. We’re going to reinstate you and we’re going to upgrade you and your whole family to like the top level suites. And we just want to apologize. We’ll take care of it. Just show up at the pier. And we love you. You’re a valued customer.” And that ladies and gentlemen is a very negative experience that turned very positive into absolutely remarkable experience that I’m now no stress going on vacation. We’re going to break time and they fixed it.

Joey Coleman We love it! Let’s go here.

Unnamed Speaker Thank you for being here. You guys are really, really, really, good right. I like the clever too. I think we at Sitel on our little Twitter could be a little more clever. Outside of that, it was like two weeks ago. And it’s been really, um, just sets the stage it’s been a hectic last 30 days to say the least. Mike Small. So we had a lot of things going on and training and sales training and org changes and you name it it’s happening. So I got an e-mail and it says “hey, you might want to check the air and your tire right. I’m like OK.” Note to self when I get home I’ll tell my husband hey there’s something you better go look at it right. So we got home. It was like 11:00 o’clock at night. He’s sleeping. I forgot all about it. Next morning I got in. Now the thing is telling me Hey you better check your tire. And I’m like I don’t know how to operate this compressor in the garage. So it’s like all right I’m sure I go to the gas station and put my money in and get some air. So I get there and only takes quarters. I can’t find a quarter to save my life. Right. Like nowhere not only do I need one I need six. So I go in and I get quarters from the guy I’m out there and I’m putting air in it and as it putting air in it I’m looking at it and I could clearly see. Oh there’s a screw in there and I said OK is this safe to drive to work. I do not have time for this. So I put the air in and my service rep at Cadillac texted me they said hey did you put air in the tire. And so I texted back. I said I did but I see a really big screw. My phone rings immediately is like don’t take the screw out! And I said OK. And I said. Can I drive this. He’s like sure. He’s like when you get situated send me a text back and we’ll figure out next steps. So I get to the office. I got in and he text me he said hey I haven’t heard- I forgot about the screw I got to work. That’s all that matters. And I said I really don’t have time for this. And he said no worries. Within ten minutes somebody pulled up next to my car did it right there in the parking lot out work fixed my tire came and thanked me for their business. And as soon as that man pulled away I got a text survey. Did Joey come in? How long did it take him to get there? Did he fix your problem and was he pleasant? I was like. Wow. Something as simple as a screw in a tire that I’m thinking now I have to go to the dealership. Blah blah blah blah. Right. Boom. Done.

Dan Gingiss Amazing.

Joey Coleman I’m just really glad that you were happy with the service I provide. Let’s go over here.

Denise Hi, how are you? Welcome everyone. I’m Denise with Sitel and this experience has happened to me last night here at Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach. So I get home from the fabulous event after having my wine, fun games with all my colleagues and I wanted to have a chamomile tea to wind down. So I order a chamomile tea and I said let me order it before I shower and it will be here by the time I get out. And about 55 minutes later there was no hot water or no tea yet so I called them a room service and I asked hey it’s taking a bit it’s about you know it’s a little late I want to kind of get to bed. And they said no problem. We’re sorry. We’re going to go send it up right now so not only did they send up the tea, the hotwater, two pieces of cake, another dessert, and a note saying Ms Harvel there we hope that you have a great restful stay and then in the morning, this morning I also got a phone call asking me how I slept, and making sure that everything was OK. So that too. Not to the hotel. Fantastic service on the Westin.

Dan Gingiss One of the things I love about that story is oftentimes you can create a remarkable experience after a bad experience. Right we all have an opportunity especially in a contact center to make it right. And when you make it right you turn a detractor or a potential detractor into an advocate.

— Casey Hi I’m — Casey. I, like you, travel a lot and I hate doing my reimbursements. And so I just have this habit that ensues I get an e-mail from my company saying that I’ve been reimbursed I go to American Express corporate card and I make a promise to pay. So the date that they’re going to reimburse me I pay American Express that same day. So I went in like I normally do and it wouldn’t accept the date. Like what the hell? I mean I’ve done this so many times. So irritating. Now I’m going to forget about it. And so I called and I didn’t get a live agent. I got a recording that said are you calling to make a promise to pay. Yes. Are you on an iPhone like. Yes. Are you wearing a headset. No. OK we’re going to send you a text is that OK. Yes. Do you need more time than like do they know I’m an old guy. And you know it’s going to take a while. And I said yes and so I’m waiting for my text and it said entered the information. I entered the information and immediately the phone said thank you. We received your promise to pay. Everything’s fine. Do you want anything else. It’s actually a better experience. I don’t want to call someone and tell them that you know I’m going to make the payment. I want it to be like it was on the app where I can just put the information in. Now they’ve changed it so that it’s even more secure for me because my bank information everything like that is now secured and that’s all through a text message. So kudos to American Express.

Joey Coleman I think the moral of the story is it’s actually not that difficult to create a remarkable customer experience. The bar for customer experience across all industries is lying on the ground. It’s literally on the ground. If you just do the slightest thing above normal you can stand out in the crowd. So best of luck to all of you as you work to create remarkable customer experiences in the year to come.


Joey Coleman Sometimes the customer experience is amazing! And sometimes we just want to cry! Get ready for the roller coaster ride. In this edition of I Love it! I Can’t Stand It!

[I LOVE IT / I CAN’T STAND IT: The State of Customer Experience in 2019]

Dan Gingiss I will tell you one thing that I love is Joey saying, “I can’t stand it.”.

Joey Coleman We try to have fun here at the Experience This! Show, folks.

Dan Gingiss So welcome to another edition of I love it and can’t stand it. And today we’re going to talk about the state of customer experience in 2019. Now this is a broad topic because customer experience is a big industry and it also touches pretty much every part of every business. But we’re going to try to distill it down to a few things that we love and can’t stand and that we look forward to you joining us with things that you also love and can’t stand.

Joey Coleman So one of the things that I love is that here in 2019 more and more people are talking about customer experience. It’s happening at conferences, it’s happening in the boardroom, it’s happening next to the water cooler. What I can’t stand is that it’s still a lot of conversation and not as much action. The ability to make change in your customer experience is not as difficult as you think. It just requires a little bit of extra effort and commitment. It doesn’t require a big budget. I’d love to see people act on their ideas instead of worrying about getting their ideas just right.

Dan Gingiss One thing that I love about customer experience is that there are so many creative startups that aren’t burdened by old policies and procedures and they’re creating remarkable experiences from scratch. Now we’ve talked about a ton of them on our podcast and I also mentioned two of them in my presentation today which were Punk Post and Imperfect Produce. I would say that another great example from yesterday was Zenni. What I can’t stand is that large companies are having trouble figuring out the ownership of customer experience. Does it fall under the CMO? Is it its own separate area? Does everybody own customer experience or is it in a department on itself? And I think that’s one of the main things that big companies are going to have to figure out in the next coming year.

Joey Coleman Speaking of companies one of the things that I absolutely love is more and more companies are realizing that everyone should have customer experience as part of their title because everyone in your organization contributes to the customer experience. One of the things that drives me crazy though is most businesses aren’t giving their employees a context for customer experience. They’re asking them to create remarkable customer experiences for the customers without showing the employees what a remarkable experience is. That can be in the context of being an employee of the organization or exposing them to some well-known brands that have amazing customer experiences that that individual employee might not have had the chance to interact with. We’d now like to bring up a special guest to share what they love and can’t stand about customer experience as well.

Dan Gingiss And that is the Isabella Mongalo from TSC.

Isabella Mongalo So what I love is one brands make it really easy for me to do business with them. So I recently was really excited about this new client that we’re working with and I wanted to celebrate the win with the team by wearing a whale suit. And so I was one day at the office searching online for whale suits and I knew I had to buy it quickly because I wouldn’t remember to do it later on in the day so with two clicks on a certain online retailer I was able to buy my whale suit so I could celebrate with my team our big win. It arrived two days later right on time for we were able to celebrate that deal and I was so excited to share that with everybody. One thing that I cannot stand is when companies make it really hard for me to do business with them. I’m wearing some pretty cool shoes right now. They’re pink. They’re very painful but they make me look good. And, you know if you have no idea how hard it was to pay for these shoes. I had to go to the store in person. I was waiting to pay for these shoes and I literally had to beg for them to let me pay. And honestly they were so worth it. But it could have been a lot easier.

Dan Gingiss Awesome.

Joey Coleman I have a new I love it. I love that Isabel was willing to stand and talk and Indians might live on stage. That was fabulous. Well they can’t stand it. We didn’t think it had to have a mike on stage for her. So thanks for being a good sport about that.

Dan Gingiss Excellent excellent. So something else that I really love is that customers are not shy about sharing their customer experiences on social media. And I love that because it holds brands accountable for providing a great customer experience. What I can’t stand is that there are still too many brands that aren’t responding to those customers on social media. And especially I want to point out the brands that are not responding to people that take time out of their day to compliment you and tell you that you’re doing a good job. Most people who work in call centers don’t hear that very often. Nobody calls up on the phone and just to tell you that you’re doing great. But it happens every day on social media. And so I urge you all to respond to those people and thank them.

Raul My name’s Raul I’m going to give the software vendor’s perspective what I can’t stand and what I love about the state of customer experience in 2019. So what I love about the state of customer experience in 2019 is that brands and organizations are accepting more and realizing the fact that customer experience is a brand differentiator that is really good. And what I can’t stand’s one of the bad things is that although cx professionals, they do understand that there’s a lot more resources coming in to work through customer experience, they don’t realize that they’re not prepared and that preparedness comes with having to be able to give a seamless customer experience and to give that seamless experience you need the right culture, the right people, and the right technology. And that’s what’s important for them to understand and be prepared for.

Becky Hi there my name is Becky and what I love about customer experience is the ability to chat. I don’t often want to talk to anybody. I just want to chat with somebody on their website and get my my situation taken care of or order whatever it is I want. What I hate is when it doesn’t work and I have to escalate it to a voice call and they don’t know what I’ve already put in. And I have to re-enter my account number, re-enter my credit card number, re-enter my information. So if they’re going to make a seamless experience that’s going to create great customer experience.

Dan Gingiss Thank you Becky.

Unnamed Speaker I come from an industry analyst standpoint so I review and analyze the customer experience market. So perhaps this is a little bit high level, but what I love that’s happening right now is that companies are starting to come together and partner for different aspects and realize that there’s so many different things that go into customer experience. Whether that’s the kind of big picture design that makes your brand or it’s the nitty gritty of understanding what the customer experience is all about. So I’m loving the discussion when I’m not liking what I can’t stand. Is that some of the investment sometimes seems a bit misconstrued. Like when you hear brand say we’re investing in customer experience and all they did was update their logo. That doesn’t help my experience at all. I think there’s a lot of work to be done to make this stuff actually things that help us as customers. So thank you.

Dan Gingiss Awesome.

Joey Coleman So good news is here in 2019 the stated customer experience is improving. It’s getting better. We’re not there yet. We’ve got miles to go before we sleep. But it’s getting better every day. So good luck to all of you listening as you think about upping your game when it comes to the customer experience. So. I’m thinking that from now on we need to just invite you to Dan’s house in Chicago every time we record and you can just kind of be in the studio audience and we’ll do it. You all were fantastic. Thank you so much.

Dan Gingiss Yeah thank you so much everybody who participated. We also want to especially thank our friends at the Sitel Group and all of the other groups within there, TSC and The Learning Tribe. We have really enjoyed working with you in Season 3 of the Experience This! Show and it was truly an honor and a pleasure for us to be here both to speak as well as to record this episode.

Joey Coleman We really appreciate your participation. Thanks for an absolutely incredible event. We’re going to conclude by playing the music that would normally happen at the end of our show. So thanks so much.

Dan Gingiss Thank you guys.


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