What Are You Reading?

We spend hours and hours nose deep in books. We believe that everything you read influences the experiences you create – so we’re happy to answer our favorite question – WHAT ARE YOU READING?

Episode 49: The Value of Analog Experiences in a Digital World

Join us as we discuss: the live experience that tore apart the art world, the employee side of the experiential coin, and the power of birthday cards to drive annual renewals.   

The Banksy, The Employee, and The Birthday! Oh my!

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Episode 31: How Virtual Reality Will Impact Customer Experience

[The future of virtual reality in the customer experience, the effects of fiction coming to life on the big screen, and how the future is (or isn’t) all about VR.

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Episode 25: Why Anticipating Your Customer’s Needs Makes All the Difference

Why technology is never as easy as it should be, how a commuter train line is anticipating your needs with a simple piece of paper, and one man’s journey across all 50 states.

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Episode 23: Why The First 100 Days Are Key to Creating Lifelong Customers

How getting The First 100 Days® right can create lifelong customers, a unique day on the ocean you’ll never forget, and the difference between a good salesperson and a great salesperson.

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Episode 15: How to Cultivate Powerful Customer Relationships with Honesty

Why you shouldn’t be afraid to publicly admit your mistakes, how Netflix brought fun to its required communications, and how you can harness the power of positive feedback.

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Episode 7: Siri Sings Queen, the 500-Year Business Plan, and Why Customers Complain Five year business plans?

More like 500-year business plans! Good customer service combined with a deep knowledge of your buyer’s tools, behaviors, and complaints can help your business rise above the competition and win the race for year after year (after year after year after year…).

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Episode 5: Why Trust Is the Difference Between Winning or Losing the CX Game

Getting your customers in the door means winning the first impression, no matter the quality of the product, while getting them to come back means showing them you trust them not to steal anything.

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