I Love It – I Can’t Stand It

Sometimes the customer experience is amazing, and sometimes we just want to cry! Get ready for the rollercoaster ride in this edition of I LOVE IT! I CAN’T STAND IT!

Episode 22: Why Customer Service and Marketing Must Collaborate

Why customer service and marketing must collaborate, the dos (and don’ts) of conferences, and why a phone call is more important than you think.

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Episode 16: Why the Best Surprise and Delight Moments Are Unscripted

Why exceptional customer service doesn’t happen by accident, how to surprise and delight your customers, and the lessons we can learn from going to the big game.

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Episode 13: The Keys to Creating an Exceptional Customer Experience

We look at everything that goes into providing an exceptional customer experience, from making a positive impact when your customers contact support to the crucial element of face time with customers for each member of your organization.

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Episode 12: What Cocktails and Doorknobs Do for Building Customer Relationships

From small businesses to airlines, if you’re not going above and beyond when building customer relationships, your customers will find someone who is.

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Episode 8: How Comcast Xfinity Is Changing Their Image Through Customer Care

Customer loyalty is most vulnerable when they are being transitioned from sales to management/maintenance. Keep your customers happy here and you’ll earn their business for years to come. So don’t pull a CX bait-and-switch by fumbling the handoff!

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Episode 3: Why Delta Airlines is Winning with Remarkable Legal Disclosures

Mandatory presentations are infamously dull. But in the right hands, it can be a customer experience opportunity. If you can make the required become remarkable, you will be positively seared in their memory forever!

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