Agree To Disagree

We usually see eye-to-eye… Except when we don’t! See if you find yourself siding with Dan or Joey as we debate a hot topic on this segment of AGREE TO DISAGREE!

Episode 38: How Nespresso Nails the Customer Experience Lifecycle

How Nespresso accounts for every moment in the customer experience lifecycle, the death of cash, and the problem with introducing new technology to your CX.

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Episode 31: How Virtual Reality Will Impact Customer Experience

[The future of virtual reality in the customer experience, the effects of fiction coming to life on the big screen, and how the future is (or isn’t) all about VR.

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Episode 5: Why Trust Is the Difference Between Winning or Losing the CX Game

Getting your customers in the door means winning the first impression, no matter the quality of the product, while getting them to come back means showing them you trust them not to steal anything.

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